Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy


  • Within the scope of combating corruption, DeTech fully complies with the legal legislation in all its commercial activities, does not go out of the law, does not even accept proposals to opt out.
  • DeTech also raises awareness of its employees about compliance with laws and anti-corruption,
  • DeTech complies with ethical rules in its competition with its commercial competitors,
  • DeTech does not denigrate its competitors in its relations with customers and does not dishonor them,
  • DeTech does not engage in unethical behavior in its relations with customers in order to guarantee being voiceless.
  • Within the scope of anti-bribery, DeTech does not pay commissions, give cash, give valuable gifts worth 30 Euros, make a profit or give scholarships, especially to purchasing personnel, all other department staff, their acquaintances or intermediaries of its current and / or potential customers, does not grant vacation or flight rights, do not gift tickets, donate or donate to a place it specifies.
  • DeTech follows a price policy aimed at both winning and gaining in relations with its suppliers,
  • DeTech prohibits all employees, especially its own purchasing staff, from receiving cash from suppliers, gifts for more than 500 TL, obtaining a benefit, getting a scholarship, recruiting or promoting someone they know, donation or donation where they show,
  • DeTech organizes trainings on not taking and not giving bribes to all employees, especially its own sales personnel and purchasing personnel, raising awareness and following their practices,
  • When such activities are detected within DeTech, it takes action in accordance with both internal discipline rules and legal sanctions.


DeTech Management undertakes to monitor compliance with these activities and carry out the necessary activities,