Quality policy

* To effectively implement the system established to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Standard within the scope of establishment activities and in the implementation stages of all specified processes, to ensure its up-to-date and continuous development,

* To validate the principle of “Customer Focus” in all activities in line with the “Unconditional customer satisfaction” philosophy,

* Based on the “Plan / Apply / Check / Take Precaution” cycle in all activities and continuously implement it, evaluate potential and existing risks and opportunities,

* To evaluate, plan and implement all activities as a process, to monitor and control the performances, to continuously improve and develop them, to identify risks and take measures, to take advantage of opportunity points,

* To ensure that the products and services offered fully meet customer needs and expectations, relevant standards and legal requirements,

* To organize trainings in order to ensure the participation of the personnel within the scope of the effective evaluation of human resources,

* To make development plans, to implement and to follow and control the results in order to use material, machinery and equipment resources in the most efficient way,

* To activate effective activities according to analysis results of internal and external feedback data,

* Implementing control practices and improvement programs for suppliers and subcontractors, thus increasing product reliability.