Human Resources Policy

DeTech Human Resources play an active role in the strategic decisions of our company with a proactive and innovative approach. The Human Resources department executes modern Human Resources systems based on success in coordination with other units in line with DeTech goals.

The main function of Human Resources is to provide our company with qualified manpower, to create the infrastructure necessary for them to fulfill their duties with job satisfaction and high motivation, and to continuously improve the knowledge and skills of our employees in order to prepare them for higher positions in the future.

DeTech Human Resources, within the framework of our company’s Ethical Principles :

4 * Providing candidates with equal opportunity by making use of objective methods, starting with recruitment,
* To create a suitable working environment in terms of occupational safety and health of employees,
* To create a work environment that improves the desire to work and where positive relationships can develop,
* To ensure that employees work in positions appropriate to their knowledge and abilities,
* Making regulations to increase the loyalty of employees to the company,
* To improve communication opportunities and opportunities between employees and management,
* To develop regulations that improve the work efficiency and work efficiency of employees,
* To give importance to the personal and professional development of the employees starting from the orientation process and to support training organizations for this purpose.