Our Policy

  • QUALITY Policy:  Highest Quality with highest Technology and highly qualified personel
  • Our Environmental Policy: DeTech considers it a company principle to prioritize the least impact of the environment and keep pollution and resource consumption to a minimum in its production and all support activities.An environment that will provide a better quality of life for future generations by following the principles of ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System in all its activities, using the most compatible material for the environment and people, by constantly taking into account the risks, by protecting the environment and people and preventing pollution in every new project. leaving is the company’s environmental policy.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy: We aim to carry out all stages of our production activities in a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Human Resources Policy: DeTech Human Resources takes an active role in our company’s strategic decisions with a proactive and innovative approach. The Human Resources department runs modern Human Resources systems based on success in coordination with other units in line with DeTech targets.The main function of Human Resources is to provide our company with qualified manpower, to create the necessary infrastructure for them to perform their duties with job satisfaction and high motivation, and to continuously improve the knowledge and skills of our employees in order to prepare them for the future tasks.
  • Ethical Values & Policy: 
    • Within the scope of combating corruption, DeTech fully complies with legal regulations in all its commercial activities, does not go beyond the laws, and does not even accept proposals to leave.
    • DeTech also raises awareness among its employees about compliance with the law and fighting corruption,
    • DeTech complies with ethical rules in its competition with its commercial competitors,
    • DeTech does not spoil its competitors in its relations with the customers, and do not behave in dignity,
  • Social Compliance policy:
    • Compliance with Laws and Other Liabilities;
    We are committed to continuous monitoring and operating in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, social compliance rules, management systems standards that we voluntarily apply.
  • Wage Policy:
    • Both hourly wages and salaries and overtime wages are calculated as specified in the 4857 Labor Law.
  • PRIVACY: Privacy is our utmost priority.