Wage Policy


  • All employees of DeTech are insured from the day they start working.
  • From the day they start work, between the 3rd and 5th of each month, their salaries are deposited into their personal bank accounts, fully and on time.
  • No employee is paid less than the minimum wage at DeTech.
  • DeTech makes all salaries, overtime and all employee progress payments through the bank, no payment is made by hand.
  • Each employee is paid salary within the fair payment system applied according to seniority on the basis of department. No discrimination is made between employees with the same job and the same seniority.
  • Every year in January, salary increases are made at least at the rate of annual inflation.
  • If there is an additional payment of the personnel leaving the job, on the first salary payment day following the month of employment, all other rights and receivables, along with their salary, are also specified (seniority, notice, etc.).
  • All personnel see the periods they worked during the month and the payments received in return, in detail, on the monthly wage slips prepared, signed one copy and received the other copy.
  • Every year, the minimum wages determined for all positions are determined and the net monthly salary is definitely notified to the new staff in the recruitment interviews by the relevant department managers.
  • While creating the personnel record, the Human Resources Department checks whether the amount of salary offered to the personnel is below the minimum wage.
  • Both hourly wages and salary and overtime fees are calculated and calculated as specified in the 4857 Labor Law.