Environmental policy

DeTech accepts it as a company principle to prioritize the least environmental impact and minimization of pollution and resource consumption in production and all support activities.

Complying with the ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Standard principles in all its activities, using the most compatible material for the environment and human beings, taking into account the risks in each new project, providing continuous improvement in protecting the environment and people and preventing pollution, It is the company environmental policy to leave an environment that provides a better quality of life.

Under this policy, DeTech has determined the following general company targets;

    1. Compliance with laws and regulations
      DeTech examines the legal environmental legislation in all of its activities and pays utmost attention to fulfill all sanctions.
  1. Protecting natural resources
    DeTech ensures the optimum use and protection of natural and other resources in all its activities.
  2. To control solid, liquid and hazardous wastes
    DeTech  in all its activities under the responsibility of keeping them under control hazardous and non-hazardous all the waste that might occur and referring them to accredited institutions, allowing the disposal appropriately, amounting to minimize the effects on the environment. 
  3. Awareness and participation
    DeTech not only raises its employees’ awareness about the environment, but also improves the protection of the environment and its contribution to the environment in cooperation with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  4. Prevention of environmental pollution
    DeTech reduces the risk of pollution that may adversely affect the environment with the systems it will apply and prevents the spread of possible pollution.
  5. Preventing Waste of Resources
    DeTech , with the awareness that the source of wastes is completely inefficiencies, carries out continuous improvement studies to increase processing efficiency ..
  6. Meeting Special Customer Requests
    DeTech works to meet the special demands of customers regarding the environment.