Multiaxis Machining

DeTech  Medical  &  Multiaxis  Machining   Co. was founded in November 2006 to produce high quality parts and components for high-tech industries i.e. Medical, Aviation, Energy, Optical and Electronic in the field of high precision machining.

Our Working Field:      
CNC –Milling:  optimal sizes: 8 – 200 mm for 4ax and 5ax, Maximum 1000x600x600 mm for 3ax milling
CNC- Turning: from Ø5 mm till Ø270 mm
CNC- Turning and Milling with C axis: till Ø270 mm.

Surface treatments for machined parts are possible
3D – Measurements
Design and CNC Programming using with CAD-CAM Systems
Optimizing of machining process
Our high qualified experienced personal and best suited machine park is grant for our quality.

  • QUALITY:  Highest Quality with highest Technology and highly qualified personel
  • COST: Low cost by using minimal flow time, free zone advantages and competitive laber cost
  • FLEXIBILITY: Capability to modify and to change cycles for demands
  • RELIABILITY: Not only supplier also a Partner and long term business relationships
  • TIMELY ACCURACY AND FAST DELIVERY:  Experience, High Tech Machines, and location
  • PRIVACY: Privacy is our utmost priority.