Multiaxis Machining

DeTech  Medical  &  Multiaxis  Machining   Co. was founded in November 2006 to produce high quality parts…

Medical Technology

Detech offers machining solutions for Medical industry, you can find some samples as below;

Energy Industry

Detech offers mechanical parts for Energy industry, you can find some samples as below;

Aviation industry

Detech offers complex machining solutions for Aviation industry.  We can supply special raw materials like titan,inconel…

Robotics industry

Detech produce high precision Robotics parts and solutions for Robotics industry. You can find some samples…

CNC Milling

We produce high precision complex parts with 3D CNC measurement protocol. We have also special 3D…

CNC Turning

We produce high precision and complex parts from very small size up to diameter 270 mm.…


We offer also low cost- high quality assembly solutions using with free zone advantages. Please see…

CMM Measurement

Detech offers 3D measurement for the customers. You can find some samples as below:

CAD-CAM Engineering

DeTech provides CAD-CAM services using MASTERCAM and SOLIDWORKS  softwares.